What’s Coming Up on MISOGI Radio?

Upcoming episodes on MISOGI Radio’s, The MISOGI Method: Breaking Through Barriers to Achieve Meaning, Success, and Happiness That Lasts: Learn what it takes to become a successful public speaker from one of the top public speaking coaches in the country. A new way to look at your money and break through the barriers of lack and worry. A deep understanding of your purpose, straight from … Continue reading What’s Coming Up on MISOGI Radio?

Breaking Into The Music Business

In this episode, Jody interviews leading Hollywood Music Manager, Bradshaw Lambert. Bradshaw tells listeners how he broke into the music business, discovered talent and ended up representing one of the top songwriters in the world. If you are thinking of getting into the entertainment business, you won’t want to miss it! Download now for listening anywhere, anytime. CLICK ON THE MUSIC NOTES TO LISTEN. Continue reading Breaking Into The Music Business