How The Three Act Play Is A Great Formula For An Exciting Life – Act One: Part Two: The Dilemma

What just happened? Who was the model that pressed the envelope into Suzy’s world?

All Suzy remembered was the toe of a Jimmy Choo shoe—and the nail-biting.

Why did the beautiful one bite her nails? And why, why did she upset the perfect ghost existence that Suzy preferred?

She would find her?

What if she found out, as in, found out the secret?

No, this was not good. Not good at all. Suzy could not risk being pulled into a situation. Only bad could come from it. She had to find a way to get out of the dilemma.

Suzy exited the elevator, sliding her lined notebook from the office supply room on top of the 8×10 envelope, and stepped into the Penthouse foyer.

Normally, she would put her head down, walk right past the receptionist, scurry down the hall and finally exhale when she ducked into her cubicle.

But not today.

She looked frantically from side to side, hoping to get a glimpse of the direction the high-heeled model had gone, but the halls were empty. Suzy hunched over the mystery package and sweated, profusely.

“Miss Suzy, are you OK?” The size zero receptionist with the long bouncy brown hair and perfect teeth called out. “You look, well, pale.”

“I’m fine, just fine. Um, good morning.”

And with that she shuffled, quickly, hoping not to encounter anyone else along the way.

Suzy was in her cubicle in less than a minute. She put the pile on her desk, pushed the notebook aside, and stared at the intrusion into her life.

Should she open it? Maybe she should just throw it away, or shred it. But what was in there? It obviously scared the model.

Suzy argued with herself for a good five minutes until she couldn’t take it anymore.

She gently tucked her pinky finder under a loose corner and encourage the sticky seal to lift.

And then she saw it.

In that instant, Suzy wished that she had not opened the package.

Her life was forever changed.

The three-act play is a standard structure for books, TV shows and movies that are outside the comfort zone and leave you guessing. Act One is always called The Set-Up. Essentially it means that a person is in their own world. Comfortable. Not wanting change. Just like many of us in the world who are afraid to break free from routine, expectations or our own beliefs about ourselves. And then, something happens and we are introduced, or thrown into, a new world. A world that is other than anything we have ever known. It can be scary, exciting, challenging and most definitely unfamiliar. It’s like the line from an old TV show. “You have just entered the Twilight Zone.”

This is part two in our first online evolving story that brings you into the MISOGI experience. Enjoy!

As we follow Suzy, we continue act one in our next installment.

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