The Value of Stories

  I love stories. When I speak to large audiences, such as in my TEDx talk or at a global conference, I usually start with a story. Why? Because stories connect us. Revealing a bit about who we really are and relating it to those listening (or reading) can create an instant connection. There are many kinds of stories that fit in categories too numerous to list. … Continue reading The Value of Stories

Learn How To Be Happy By The Happiest Country

The Netherlands consistently ranks in the top 5 of the happiest countries. Why are people in the Netherlands happier at work and in their lives? Moreover, how can the rest of us learn how to be happier? Listen to the interview with Gea Peper, Founder of The Happiness Bureau in the Netherlands. What she shares can be adapted to anyone’s life. Here’s to your happiness! Gea … Continue reading Learn How To Be Happy By The Happiest Country

A New Way of Surfing!

In Episode 18 of The MISOGI Method: ranked as high as #7 in Society and Culture on iTunes, Jody interviews co-founder David Dennis, of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies. If you care about the ocean, happen to love John Steinbeck and want to ride on a great, sustainable board, Ventana just might be for you. Be inspired by entrepreneurs who are changing the shape of surfing … Continue reading A New Way of Surfing!

How The Three Act Play Is A Great Formula For An Exciting Life – Act One: Part Two: The Dilemma

What just happened? Who was the model that pressed the envelope into Suzy’s world? All Suzy remembered was the toe of a Jimmy Choo shoe—and the nail-biting. Why did the beautiful one bite her nails? And why, why did she upset the perfect ghost existence that Suzy preferred? She would find her? What if she found out, as in, found out the secret? No, this … Continue reading How The Three Act Play Is A Great Formula For An Exciting Life – Act One: Part Two: The Dilemma

Mastering the ‘To Do’ List

We all have TO DO lists. Sometimes we get through them, sometimes we don’t. It feels really good when you cross something off on your list. It feels crummy when you don’t. So how can you raise your level of happiness and become a master of your list? This cool system is pretty effective. The feeling of crossing off each item, and the knowing that … Continue reading Mastering the ‘To Do’ List

Interview With Leading Entrepreneur – Brian Clark

Interview with Brian Clark, the successful Founder, and CEO of RAINMAKER DIGITAL, Founder of COPYBLOGGER, Host of the top-ranked Podcast, UNEMPLOYABLE, and Curator of FURTHER. Brian lives life on his own terms, follows what brings him joy, and serves others. The money seems to follow him because of it. And, he’s a really nice guy! For anyone who is thinking of going for the big entrepreneurial … Continue reading Interview With Leading Entrepreneur – Brian Clark