How The Three Act Play Is A Great Formula For An Exciting Life – Act One: Part One: The Set-Up

Anonymous Suzy loves her cozy, comfortable cubicle at work. Every day she plugs away at company revenue analysis assignments and enjoys not having to interact with anyone if she can help it.

She got the job online, probably because she graduated Summa out of MIT. She only had to meet the Head of HR once; who promised her a quiet, discreet space to do her computations.

It’s not that Suzy is extremely shy. She’s actually pretty outgoing with her family and close, childhood friends. It’s just that, at work, she is intimidated by all of the beautiful people and she thinks, well knows, that she isn’t pretty, or even that smart either. Just because math has always come easy to Suzy, it doesn’t mean she thinks she has brains.

Suzy knows that she is plain, has no hobbies other than Sudoku puzzles, because she can do them alone, and they are all about numbers, so they are easy.

She is aware that she could stand to lose about 25 pounds and get a serious makeover. Her teeth are also a little darker because of the medication she had to take as a kid for her condition. But she’s been better for years and no one needs to know.

So, when it all adds up, Suzy prefers to hide.

She arrives before everyone else so that she doesn’t run into anyone in the company kitchen or, heaven forbid, the bathroom.

When its lunchtime, Suzy has already eaten at her desk, or she sneaks out at 11:15 and is back right before noon, when everyone else heads to the elevator.

Going up or down the elevator with someone. That would be terrifying!

Suzy stays late to clock extra points, but not in a bragging way. In an avoiding way. Her online timesheet keeps track anyway, so she doesn’t have to punch in or out—ever.

And when it’s quiet, and always dark, Suzy sneaks out, goes home and wonders why she can’t break out of her clandestine routine.

One morning in early December, Suzy slept in a little later than usual, panicked and plunged her way to the subway, which was also running late. Shit.

She arrived at the company building elevator bank, still early, but not enough. Suzy stepped in and frantically punched the close door button. Unfortunately, as the door was about to shut and she could finally exhale, a shiny black toe of a Jimmy Choo shoe wedged into the slim space, and the door opened back up.

Standing in front of Suzy was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The real intimidating kind. The one that a man dropped his mouth open for and drilled through her entire being with his eyes.

Suzy froze.

“Hi,” said the gorgeous, six-foot goddess, who had long, wavy blond hair, down to her waist, deep red lipstick, perfect make-up and a short bright pink skirt and jacket that fit perfectly, accenting her naturally thin, long, tanned legs.

Suzy looked down at her own scuffed brown flats from the Walking Store, her brown chords that were faded from years of wear, and too tight. Her brown blouse and giant brown scarf bow that were suddenly very – brown. The brown wool speckled jacket she wore was, well, old too. Oh, and she had forgotten to wash, and brush, her stringy brown hair because she was in a hurry that morning. Great.

I’m pathetic, Suzy thought.

The model noticed that the correct number had already been pressed and nodded a warm thank you to Suzy. Suzy barely looked up, pushing her hand-me-down reader glasses up her nose.

They rode up to the penthouse office in silence. It felt like hours, but it was less than a minute to get to the top.

Suzy stole a glance out of her peripheral and saw that the beautiful one was biting her nails. A big no-no in the world of glamour. Suzy wondered…

As the door was about to open, the stunning creature turned directly to Suzy.

“Please,” she pleaded. “You must help me. Can you keep this for me? I will find you.”

And with that, the blond thrust a manila envelope into Suzy’s chest and exited the elevator.

The three-act play is a standard structure for books, TV shows and movies that are outside the comfort zone and leave you guessing. Act One is always called The Set-Up. Essentially it means that a person is in their own world. Comfortable. Not wanting change. Just like many of us in the world who are afraid to break free from routine, expectations or our own beliefs about ourselves. And then, something happens and we are introduced, or thrown into, a new world. A world that is other than anything we have ever known. It can be scary, exciting, challenging and most definitely unfamiliar. It’s like the line from an old TV show. “You have just entered the Twilight Zone.”

This is part one in our first online evolving story that brings you into the MISOGI experience. Enjoy!

As we follow Suzy, we continue act one in our next installment.

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