This Adventure Couple Grasps the MISOGI Life

I love this adventure couple. They are living their life through the MISOGI METHOD. They get it. They are having fun following their joy by going for the big reach again and again.

P.S. Your MISOGI does not have to be only a physical challenge, although for some, this gets them to that place of personal achievement, success and lasting happiness that we all reach for.

YOU CAN. . .

  • Learn a new language in 6 months.
  • Get your song on the radio.
  • Lose 25 pounds in 5 months (if this is your ultimate reach).
  • Double your net worth this year.
  • Get into a top MBA Program this year.
  • Have a gallery showing of your artwork.
  • Get a double promotion at work.
  • Build a lego tower that reaches higher than your house.

When we set small and/or vague goals, they are easy to abandon because the motivation is not enough. They are not scary enough, or big enough. The dopamine release in our brain doesn’t engage because when we don’t even get to step one of ‘not so important’ goals, we just move on.

We need a big reach, that is way outside our comfort zone, in order to kick in gear. The best part about ONE BIG REACH, is that even if we don’t fully achieve it, the happiness, confidence and sense of clarity we gain is leaps ahead of where we were.

One way to figure out what your MISOGI is, is to go back to your childhood. What is it that you loved so much yet never pursued? That’s where you start.

Choose one MISOGI and get behind it with support from others (and a release from your doctor if it is a major physical MISOGI – you may have to train in steps for it).

People will either dismiss you or rally around you.

You too can redefine your possible at any time. Let this year be your time.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.55.15 AM

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