Our Hearts and Prayers Go Out To All Affected by the Fires in SoCal…


We are headquartered in Santa Barbara. VERY close to the #ThomasFire.

Last night, while wearing an N95 mask (actually, I think it was a painter’s mask), I surveyed my home, just below the volunteer evacuation zone. Ash covered the steps up to the front door – 1/2 inch thick.

My friend and I decided to venture into scary territory to check on our friend’s home in Montecito. He was in NorCal and we wanted to do the right thing by providing real-time intelligence to ease his worry- albeit safely.

While his house is not next door to #Oprah, #EllenDegeneres or #Jimmy Connors, it was exactly at the demarcation line of Mandatory and Volunteer Evacuation – East Valley Road. His home is intact as of now. Police cars lined every side street. No entry allowed.

Surreal…..we saw the flames in the hills, on their way down the valleys and gullies of trail runs we had ventured up many times.

I barely slept in my home last night (awake, headache, bad air in house).

Now I am in San Luis Obispo – enjoying clean air and the ocean breeze. Thank you #SLO!

I am so grateful to the firefighting community. So grateful. I will donate to the fire fighting community. I will honor them all.

I think we will be fine.


For those who have lost homes or businesses, my heart goes out to you.

We are with you.

You are survivors. We all are.

May this Christmas be one of gratitude, thankfulness and an appreciation of life.

God Bless.

  • JBM – Founder, CEO | MNN

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