Why You Should Unplug Before 2018

Have you taken any time for you this year? Well, my friends, this year is almost over and 2018 will be upon us.

Recommendations to set you up for a successful 2018 that is sure to be your best year yet.

    1. Even if it is only for a few days.
    2. No cell phone. No cell phone. No cell phone.
    3. Take time to engage in introspection.
      1. What was good in 2017? What would you like to do differently in 2018?
      2. What are the essential 3 things that matter most to you and that you want to focus on in 2018?
      3. Can you delegate the busy work?
    1. When was the last time you had a massage?
    2. Took a yoga class?
    3. Meditated?
    4. Do you think you can get into a new routine that includes self-care?
    5. Exercise more often?
    6. Eliminate one negative food from your diet and replace with a positive one.
      1. Eliminate carbs, add vegan bread.
      2. Eliminate cookies, add detox mango sweet sticky rice.
    1. Other than work related.
      1. A short story by Tolstoy is a good start.
      2. Expand your mind by learning something new.
      3. Listening to or watching TED Talks are a great way to find inspiration for the new year.

Our founder just returned from a week sabbatical before the holidays. She traveled halfway around the world to spend a week at what just might be the #best spa in the world. 

  • She spent time in a monk cave.
  • Indulged in a mind/body/spirit session.
  • Went to sunrise yoga and evening meditation.
  • Ate detox, healthy food.
  • Didn’t drink alcohol for a week.
  • Reduced coffee to 1/2 cup a day.
  • Sat in an infrared sauna and sweat out toxins.
  • Had daily massages (all different).
  • Relaxed, swam, read, meditated, enjoyed.
  • No technology, lots of quiet. Happiness…

She came back calm, peaceful and focused.

The rejuvenating effect of unplugging for a week and just taking care of my mind, body and spirit has given me clarity and excitement for the year ahead.

Even if you can’t unplug halfway around the world, at least get out of your normal routine.

Here’s to a Happy Christmas and holiday season for all. May stress not be part of your 2018 journey. Replace it with peace, calm, focus and you will surely find success in the year ahead.


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