Can You Find the MISOGI In This Picture?

First of all, let us wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and a Happy Names Day (for those of you who celebrate this cool holiday made special for everyone on the planet).

In the spirit of our mission to spread ideas about people, companies and challenges that take us far outside our comfort zone, here’s a fun puzzle for you to ponder as you shop today.

What is the MISOGI in this picture?


  1. The pumpkin pie
  2. The duck
  3. The stack of shopping cards
  4. Foil pieces
  5. The wooden and metal cage with something inside

Guess first before you read on…….

  1. The pumpkin pie is not a MISOGI because it is made from the same secret family ingredients every year. It never changes. It does not venture outside the comfort zone. It is still very satisfying when it is complete (and eaten). The only challenge is making sure the crust doesn’t burn. Chance of failure: 10% (as long as you put foil over the edges of the crust while cooking).
  2. The duck: It’s not real. It’s a dog toy.
  3. The stack of shopping cards. Well, there is no money attached to any of them, so there is no MISOGI of wealth here. They are the property of a collector. He doesn’t have the largest collection of plastic shopping cards, so that doesn’t count either. He just likes them. They make him happy. Finding happiness can be a MISOGI as we all tend to focus on the negative. This particular person is the MISOGI of happiness, but that is not the answer to this riddle.
  4. Foil pieces: They were used to successfully avoid the burning of the pie crust. Without them, the pie crust would have burned to a crisp. So in a way, they were partly a MISOGI. But not the main one.
  5. You guessed it! The puzzle! 80% chance of failure. But guess what? The person who took on this MISOGI dedicated himself for a good 12 hours. He deduced, analyzed, examined and then did what was not logical, but simple. And he completed the puzzle. He removed the wooden and metal spiked circle from the tightly stacked cage by twisting and tipping, rolling and turning. He saw the one link that solved the problem and he achieved the MISOGI.

Here’s to solving the puzzles in life. Go outside your comfort zone. Do the improbable. Make it simple. Keep with it. Success!!!!

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