Figure Out Your Love Type & Know Your Work Strengths – A Far Out Way To Find Where You Fit In

Is Estrogen your dominant chemical makeup? If so, then you are pretty contemplative, introspective and intuitive. Sympathy, empathy and trust come easy to you and you rely on your emotional intelligence.

If Dopamine is your dominant DNA, you are creative, curious, active – an adventurer, and you tend to like people like you.

Dr. Helen Fisher, a senior researcher at Kinsey Institute (Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.) studied the types of love personalities and came up with a test that can help us determine where we fit in the range.

And now companies are using it to see how people react, make decisions and act, based on their love types.

Over 14 million people have taken the test and it’s used by companies like to better pair people.

Do you lean toward testosterone, estrogen, dopamine or serotonin?

Take the test and here’s to luck in love and happy work dynamics.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 6.52.44 AM.png


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