The Most Successful Blog of All Time

Writing a blog can be very personal, focus on a specific benefit or service or be a tool for companies to better interact with their customers.

Many blogs are opinion, some are educationally focused and some focus on news with a particular angle.

The MISOGI of all blogs is…

Huffington Post. Huff Post makes over $146 million a year in ad supported revenues.

Huff Post takes a liberal slant on news and invites certain voices to contribute.

Huff Post was sold to AOL for $315m in 2011.

Arianna Huffington went on to create THRIVE GLOBAL, which focuses on work/life balance and ending stress and burnout. I am betting she will be reaching those numbers again soon!

If $146+ million a year (closer to $160m since the 2015 statistic) seems impossible to you (remember, MISOGIS seek to achieve the improbable), then maybe give your try at CopyBlogger. They bring in over $12 million/year in revenues. Not bad for a company that started with only $1,000. CopyBlogger provides content marketing advice on blogging.

MISOGI NEWS NETWORK is a completely new type of news coverage. Never been done. Focused on the amazing. We’ll keep you posted when we reach these kind of numbers!





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