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Swimming With a Whale Shark – 10% Chance

Swimming with a Whale Shark is a true MISOGI. The chances of even spotting these elusive creatures, the largest fish in the ocean is maybe a 10% chance. But I was determined to find one anyway! I was on a plane to London to speak about my new book when the gentleman next to me started a conversation. “What do … Continue reading Swimming With a Whale Shark – 10% Chance stories breaking news Continue reading Swimming With a Whale Shark – 10% Chance

NBA Basketball Player Reaches His Peak

When Kyle Korver wanted to get better, faster and reach his peak on the basketball court, he started doing MISOGIS. They had more than a 50% chance of failure. The first one was paddling with buddies to the Channel Islands in Santa Barbara and back, a 27 mile MISOGI. He fell within the first five minutes.  condor express photo Next came running 85 pound rocks … Continue reading NBA Basketball Player Reaches His Peak

Apple – The Ultimate MISOGI Company

When Steve Jobs gave his speech at Stanford’s Commencement in 2005, it sent chills down my spine. Do what you love. Don’t let others talk you out of it. Find your passion. He did. When Jobs dropped out of college and took an audited calligraphy course, he didn’t even know he would be on his way to his first MISOGI, creating fonts for computers. That … Continue reading Apple – The Ultimate MISOGI Company

iFoster Achieves the Improbable

When I wrote about Serita and Reid Cox in “From Drift to SHIFT: How Change Can Bring True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life,” I had no idea they would continue to achieve the improbable. Serita was placed in Foster Care as a young child. She ended up rising up and out and being part of the break-up of 3Com, marrying Reid and … Continue reading iFoster Achieves the Improbable


Undergoing a MISOGI is … FUN INSPIRATIONAL TRANSFORMATIVE ENGAGING CONFIDENCE BUILDING HAPPINESS ACHIEVING CREATIVE THINKING EXPANDING If you haven’t done one personally or with your company, then you might consider it. Maybe your MISOGI is a RELATIONSHIP SHIFT you have made which is far outside your comfort zone. Maybe it’s a LIFESTYLE change you made that, in looking back, you believe there was no way … Continue reading Your MISOGI