iFoster Achieves the Improbable

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When I wrote about Serita and Reid Cox in “From Drift to SHIFT: How Change Can Bring True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life,” I had no idea they would continue to achieve the improbable.

Serita was placed in Foster Care as a young child. She ended up rising up and out and being part of the break-up of 3Com, marrying Reid and working for Bain’s Consulting Group in order to learn how to create, build and run a Non Profit.

Then she laid it all on the line to create this tiny little start-up non-profit called iFoster.

Reid grew up poor in Canada and ended up being part of Investor Relations for LinkedIn’s IPO. He married Serita, believed in her vision of helping the ‘in between kids’ who are at risk and soon age out of foster care.

Then he laid it all on the line with Serita to create iFoster. They had no idea if it would work. You can read their story in the book.

But the update on Serita and Reid’s once tiny little non-profit is a MISOGI in itself.

They have become the largest private non-profit for Foster Care kids, families and the community – in the country!

They have been written into the Congressional Record, honored by many politicians, partnered with amazing companies like Starbucks for their jobs program and just recently, Reid was one of five winners who received the AARP Purpose Prize.

Reid Cox, co-founder and CFO, iFoster, Truckee, Calif.
Cox and his wife Serita, a former foster child, put their tech company experience to work in order to help families navigate the challenges of foster care. Their online community, iFoster, connects foster children and families with highly needed financial, educational, and social support resources.

Another $50,000 to help kids in Foster Care.

They followed their hearts from the beginning, achieved the improbable and keep on breaking barriers for the foster care system.

For all of you non-profits who are seeking to make a difference, Serita and Reid should be your role models.

Congratulations iFoster!

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