Buried Treasure Discovered!

Do you believe in buried treasure? Well, maybe you should. Hidden deep within a glacier in the heart of Alaska is one. An ecological moment in time that can change the way we understand and address global warming on our planet. Thanks to the curiosity of researcher Brian Buma, an Asst. Professor of Forest Ecosystem Ecology¬†at the University of Alaska Southeast, we now know that … Continue reading Buried Treasure Discovered!

“Stop Putting Off Your Life” Whole Foods CEO’s MISOGI

To really understand the value of a MISOGI, you need to realize that most of the other apples in the bin want to stay right where they are – together and comfortable. To be the one stand out can be scary, weird and lonely. On the other hand, to step outside the bin can lead to personal revelations that change your forever. Change your attitude, … Continue reading “Stop Putting Off Your Life” Whole Foods CEO’s MISOGI

Nature’s MISOGI

If you don’t respect Mother Nature yet, then check out her latest MISOGI. If the string of hurricanes didn’t convince you, then take a look at how she went way outside her comfort zone and leveled a community in Northern California wine country. Santa Rosa, CA is home to more than 167,000 people Entire neighborhoods were wiped out. The founder of MNN almost bought a … Continue reading Nature’s MISOGI

Einstein & Edison – Ultimate MISOGI Practitioners

Albert Einstein never gave up. Never. Ever. Even though people thought he was a little off his rocker, he didn’t care. He kept pushing his comfort zone until he discovered the improbable. At the time, his discoveries and theories bordered on impossible, but as you are starting to get the idea, a MISOGI must have a 50% or greater chance of failure; which means success … Continue reading Einstein & Edison – Ultimate MISOGI Practitioners

Sophia The Robot Becomes a Real Human

  Reality can be weirder than fiction. Remember the Terminator movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a killer robot, then a nice one? Well, the human robot time has come. You can thank Hanson Robotics for creating Sophia, the first human robot. And the first robot to be granted citizenship (by Saudi Arabia). When it comes to MISOGIS, this technological wonder wins the big prize. Sophia … Continue reading Sophia The Robot Becomes a Real Human

A Paraplegic Windsurfs From Maui to Molokai

After a horrible car accident on the way to what was to be an epic ski trip in Utah, Darren Quinn woke up a paraplegic. He was a great golfer and skier, and even had dreams of going pro someday, but life took its own turn and he had to turn with it. Darren was in ICU for 41 days followed by months in rehab. … Continue reading A Paraplegic Windsurfs From Maui to Molokai